Most people only have one photographer cover their wedding, and that is fine, but recently I helped out a friend and acted as her “second”.  While she was getting all the Traditional shots, I was tasked with obtaining candid shots of the happy couple and the families and guests.

I had never done this before and with a background in the military, I have always been a take charge kind of person. However, I understood that it was her ‘gig’ and I needed to have the ability of just enjoying the photography.  It was this freedom to do my own thing that made it so good.  I just hovered around taking shots of people trying to capture the displays of emotion and joy.

To be honest, I thought it was a lot easier than doing the lead/solo role as I had less pressure in regard to time and formal shots that needed to be captured.  I managed to enjoy the role and have produced some fantastic images that the couple will love.  Here is where the frustration sets in, as part of the agreement, I was doing this without pay to help out and gain broader experience.  Not really a problem, the couple made me very welcome and it was a fun experience.

I am now in the situation where I am unable to publish my photos to the wider world and to use them in my marketing and online portfolio because the lead has not been able to hand over the final album and collection to the happy couple.  I am not upset or angry and completely understand, but I am frustrated because there are some great shots and I need to get some new bookings in as soon, after all, I do have bills to pay and need to house, feed and clothe myself.

If you are in the market for a wedding photographer, either at short notice, or longer term, drop me a line at: I am able to cover weddings anywhere there is a transport network, I have a valid passport and am willing to travel. Travel costs are kept to the actual cost with full receipts provided.  Weddings within fifty miles of my location, there is no additional cost for expenses.

So what is the point of this missive?  Well I suppose in some part, it is a cathartic release of the frustration, but it is also a word to the wise on the potential pitfalls of acting in the role of second.  Again, no problem with my friend, I understand the needs of her business, it is just my personal impatience.