Anyone can have problems with motivation. But for those of us with mental health issues, it becomes a daily struggle.

Motivation runs hand in hand with inspiration, which for a photographer is critical. Without inspiration there is just mediocrity and blandness.

For me, photographing cars gives me both. The opportunity to go to a track or show and take pictures of cars most of us will never be able to own gives me motivation and seeing the cars inspires me.

It is said “Art is subjective”, many will not fully appreciate my style or even the subject matter, and that is okay. Each to their own. In my pictures I try to make the car stand out from the background. After all, for me, it is the star of the show!

Photography should provide enjoyment and for me it does. It also gives me purpose and a constructive way of existing in a world that can, at times, cause anxiety and fear. My journey of recovery is made easier by having my camera at hand. 

So what’s my point? My point is we all need to find that something or someone that gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Don’t let life dictate to you, find your ‘camera’ and live your life by your needs as much as you can. I personally belive there is great happiness to be had from creativity in any form.

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