Life is a funny old thing. It can seem like an endless lurch from disaster to catastrophe, but I find that learning new skills and improving those I already have can bring new perspective.

Today was day four of the fantastic “Business Experience” training provided by the inspirational team at X-Forces. We started with learning how to research and target our respective markets. The skills are similar to those used when I was policing and investigating.

The models illustrated just made so much sense and in fact made me realise, I should keep a weather eye on my target market and competition as they are ever evolving.

After lunch we looked at social media and online presence as a marketing and sales tool. Here I was learning new skills. While I am no ludite, I still found plenty to take from the training.

I am genuinely grateful to Help for Heroes for hosting the X-Forces team and for the coaches who have been so ably lead by the incredible Ren Kapur.

I know it all seems a little sycophantic, but I really do think this has been the best start I could have given myself in setting up Sierra Zulu Photography as an enterprise.